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When I first tasted our Kenya coffee, I blurted out without any notice “Hii ni baadhi ya kahawa kushangaza!” It caught me very off guard that I would ramble off some sort of foreign language, not to mention the room full of friends that suddenly began to stare at me. I took another sip of the Kenya and again, “Hii ni baadhi ya kahawa kushangaza!” My wife looked at me very puzzled, assuming I was just being funny, but  then sipped on hers and yelled out THE SAME THING.

Luckily for me, I had a friend who spoke Swahili – The language of Kenya. After he tried the coffee, he said, “DUDE! You’re RIGHT!” Hii ni baadhi ya kahawa kushangaza!” As I looked at him with a blank stare, he translated and said, “We all said, “This is some amazing coffee!”

OKAY! You got me! I blurted it out in English and used Google Translator to hook you into my story! So now that you’re here, let me tell you — The Kenya coffee is one of the most unique coffees I’ve ever had and we were thrilled to launch it in August. It is brilliant, juicy, and full of flavors that you don’t typically find in coffee such as caramel and strawberry together. Let me tell you this though: You don’t have to be a coffee snob to enjoy it! You can be a coffee connisour or a brand spanking new coffee drinker — Either way you’re going to have your socks knocked off of you no matter what! Don’t miss out on it, though – Unlike sales commercials, this really is limited – We are down to about 40 lbs left of it to roast before it’s gone all together!

August seemed to fly by with brand new wholesale orders and the build up for the launch of the Kenya! Missed any of it? Make sure to check out the full recap post below!

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Learn About Our Wholesale Program: 
With the launch of our wholesale program, we offer the ability to bring our LIFE CHANGING COFFEE to your business, coffee shop, church, club, or any other organization you’re apart of! I’m proud to announce that we are already in several coffee shops and stores! Growth is the only way to continue to impact the countries we are involved with, specifically Laos. To accomplish our “Mission” in Mission Arabica, we need YOUR help – Think we’d be a fit in your local grocery or coffee shop? Does your church offer coffee or have it’s own coffee setup? Do you ship coffee to your clients throughout the year or on specific holidays as a “thank you”? We can help YOU! And in turn, YOU help change lives! Contact us today- our emails are located at the bottom of this post!

To accomplish our mission, we have developed multiple goals that are broken into three phases.

Phase I is our audience growth phase. The purpose of this phase is to tell the story of our journey as three average guys who are stepping out to try and do something tremendous in the world. The goal of this story is two fold:

  1. To inspire others to follow our lead and take that step to do something great in the world. Don’t cut yourself short. Dream BIG and make it happen! You can do it!
  2. Through telling our story, we look to increase the demand for the third world coffee we will be selling. This isn’t as much of a profit thing as it is an impact thing. In other words:
  • The greater our audience – the greater demand there will be for Lao coffee
  •  The greater the demand for Lao coffee – the more plantations we can set up
  •  The more plantations we can set up – the more farmers pulled out of poverty



What you really need to know is that we CANNOT accomplish this mission without you. So thank you for joining this journey with us and together we will see lives forever changed!

Phase I Updates:

Likes at July 31: 411
Likes at August 31: 844
Increase of: 433 likes (205% increase) * WOW!
Phase I Goal: 2,000 ( 1166 more needed)

In mid-August, we ran a Facebook campaign with our slogan, “LIFE CHANGING COFFEE.”- The campaign took off and more than doubled our Facebook following! What’s important is that you have liked our Facebook page! Once you are apart of our page, we ask you to be involved. With your help of liking, sharing, and promoting Mission Arabica on Facebook, we gain the ability to grow, building more fans, and changing more lives through our coffee sales!


Followers at July 31: 66
Followers at August 31: 70
Increase of: 4  (6% increase)
Phase I Goal: 2,000 (1930 more needed)

If you haven’t followed us on Twitter yet, just click here:

Email Subscribers:
Subscribers at July 31: 53
Subscribers at August 31: 55
Increase of: 2  (3% increase)
Phase I Goal: 1,000 (1945 more needed)

Our email subscribers hold a really special place in our hearts because they have really gone above and beyond to say, “Yes, I like what you are doing and I want you to keep me informed by email.” I don’t know about you, but in this age of spam emails, I am not one to just go around and sign up for a bunch of mailing lists unless I really believe the content of those emails will be worth while. That is why being on our email list means you’re a VIP! We want to roll out the red carpet, so we provide you with the NEWEST info and the BEST offers through the email list!

Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t miss out on being a VIP!

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Total Coffee Sales:
Total lbs of Coffee Sold: 78
Mugs Shipped in August: 1

July brought out an entirely new coffee lineup with FOUR coffees!
We followed that in August with the KENYA ACES coffee– This is the HIGHEST quality coffee as we discussed above
Mission Arabica Burundi CoffeeCosta Rica CoffeeMission Arabica El Salvador Coffee

Mission Arabica Laos Peaberry Coffee








  • BURUNDI: This coffee brings out a sweet cinnamon, stone fruit and dark cherry in each cup
  • COSTA RICA: Offers lime and chocolate in this deep flavored coffee
  • EL SALVADOR: This is a bright coffee with a jammy caramel finish
  • LAOS PEABERRY: This cup has a roasted nut, perfect spice, and smooth fruit finish
  • KENYA: Full of juice and lively flavors with tart cherry, caramel and a smooth strawberry richness
  • SAMPLE PACK: Not sure what coffee to start with? You want to try them ALL? We make it easy! We offer a Sample Pack with FOUR coffees for $19.99!

Affiliate Income:
amazon-1A super easy way to help out is when you are going to buy something on Amazon, go through our affiliate link first. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and Mission Arabica will end up receiving about 5% of the sale.

By using this link when you purchase through Amazon, you’ll immediately be helping Mission Arabica. Don’t forget to bookmark it so you use it every time!
If you are not sure how to bookmark a link, Adam made a video to show you how. Just click here.

Total Site Visits in August: 687 (497 in July)
The launch of the Kenya and two very well timed posts really helped boost traffic in August. Of those two posts, the one you absolutely have to check out is a coffee “quiz” that Chris put together titled, “What Kind of Coffee Are You?” – It only takes a minute to take to complete and may have you rolling on the ground. Check it out here if you missed it and share your results!

Phase II:

This phase will mainly focus around starting to buy and sell coffee from existing farmers as well as taking a trip to Laos. This will also lead to us opening as a Roaster, bringing out the flavor of each specific bean so you have great coffee. In doing this, we’ll bring the bean directly from the farmer, roasting it, and sending it directly to YOU.

Phase II also includes our first trip to Laos as we work to begin Phase III.

Phase III:

This phase is primarily focused on actually setting up a coffee plantation. This is really the primary goal of what we are trying to accomplish, but more details of this will become available once we have made a trip to Laos. In the mean time we are continuing to learn about coffee and coffee agriculture to help turn this vision into a reality.

Going Forward

September is all about continuing the success! Remember, we cannot do this without you! So sign up for our email list and share our posts with your friends on Facebook. We appreciate you more than you know and would also love the chance to interact with you, so drop us a line in the comments or on social media as we would love to get to know you better.

Thanks for joining this journey with us!

Adam –