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MAC32_MIDDLECLASS01The barista life isn’t easy-

The truth is, baristas have to be freaking AWESOME to tolerate the crazy requests we throw their way!!

So to show some love, we consulted with some of our closest barista friends, then trolled the web to pull together a list of things every barista experiences!

We hope you enjoy!!

AND THANK YOU TO ALL BARISTAS!! We could NOT survive without you!

**If tweets don’t appear, make sure to open in a browser!**

1. Every barista has had to pull the opening shift one too many times

2. Every barista has laughed at terrible puns that make them want to scream

3. Every barista has realized dangers most will never know

4. Every barista has had to ponder the mysteries of life

5. Every barista has had those days that you have to create your own fun

6. Every barista has had to stare death in the face and not back down

7. Every barista has realized that a world without coffee is a very dangerous place

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