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Mission Arabica Caramel Apple Chicken
I call this recipe Caramel Apple Chicken because, to me and my husband, it had a strong caramel taste that paired well with the apples and chicken. It was a big hit and we hope you’ll love it too.  We enjoyed the tribute to fall and the subtle coffee taste that enhanced all the other flavors.

Inspiration For This Recipe…

When Chris first asked me to help head up the Recipes page, I didn’t even know people used coffee for recipes besides drinks and maybe the occasional dessert.  So I figured I should study up on how to cook with coffee and found that many people love to use coffee as a flavor enhancer for meats and vegetables, as well as desserts and drinks. I decided to buy a couple books on Amazon to help me learn more about the variety of ways to cook with coffee and found this cookbook, Cooking With Coffee, by Carol Foster. Along with a ton of recipes, it has some great tips on cooking in general, as well as information about coffee including roast profiles and brewing methods.  If you want to expand your culinary knowledge, I definitely recommend this book.  So because of apples being in season right now, I thought I would try out this particular recipe from Cooking With Coffee and give you all a review on how it tastes.  She actually titled it Glazed Chicken with Sauteed Apples, but it was easier to remember it by how it tasted. So we’ve affectionately renamed it Caramel Apple Chicken here at the Cheney house.


With her eye for style and passion for food blogging, Nancy is a key contributor to the team through the management of the Mission Arabica Recipes page. She is a proud mother of two boys and wife of Mission Arabica co-founder Chris Cheney. In her spare time she enjoys singing, playing piano, and reading.

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