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Coppa Mascarpone facebookThis delicious Coppa Mascarpone was a recipe I learned while being stationed in Italy. It is literally translated “cup of Mascarpone”…sounds more exotic in Italian right? It’s a simple and satisfying dessert that, like most things, is made even better with coffee!


Kelli is an eclectic cook. Living in delicious locations like Hawaii and Italy, her love of cooking started with a love of food…Good Food! After marrying her Army husband, Kelli began her cookbook collection and allowed the unique tastes of Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, Italy, and Kansas to infuse themselves into her cooking. Along the way friends from every state and around the world, coupled with travels around Europe and her studies under Aeolia’s Master Chef in Vicenza, Italy round out the unique tastes and international fusion in her family’s favorite meals.

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