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Flavored Whipped Cream fbThis recipe is a simple one but definitely worth knowing! This was actually in one of my cookbooks that I typically use for topping pies at Thanksgiving. However, whipped cream is one of those year round toppings for desserts and cool or hot drinks any time of year so we thought now, as it gets close to Mother’s Day, you may want this recipe to top whatever sweet thing you may be making for your Mom on her special day. As the recipe indicates, you could really add any flavoring. We obviously used Mission Arabica coffee, but we added a few suggestions in the recipe for you such as cocoa or almond. If you try any other flavor combinations, be sure to tell us in the comments. We’d love to try your concoction too!

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Instructions With Photos:

Coffee Whipping Cream ingredients

Chill a medium sized mixing bowl as well as your beaters for your mixer.
Combine whipped cream, sugar, and vanilla in bowl and beat until soft peaks form.

whipped cream

Add desired flavoring (we obviously used coffee.) Beat additional 20 seconds or until well combined.

adding coffee to whipped cream

Top your favorite dessert or drink and enjoy!

Flavored Coffee Whipped Cream
whipped cream on a shake

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