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As hard as we try, one thing we know for sure is that we would not be able to accomplish our mission without your support.  If you are interested in ways you can help us and the people of Laos we would greatly appreciate if you would consider the following:

Affiliate Links

One of the primary ways we currently make money is through something called affiliate marketing.  Basically what that means is if you click on a link from our website that goes to a different company’s website or product page we will earn a commission on anything you purchase from that website since we referred you there.  The great thing is that this in no way increases the cost of any product you would purchase on the other company’s site.

For example, our Top Picks page has several links to Amazon that will give us typically a 4% – 6% commission on all purchases you make that day from their website if you go to Amazon through our link.

So a great way you could help out would be to make all your future Amazon purchases through our affiliate link.  To simplify this process just click on the link below and save it as a favorite in your internet browser:

Amazon Affiliate Link

By continuing to use that link in the future, any time you shop at Amazon your purchases will help support Mission Arabica and Lao farmers.  Not sure how to bookmark our Amazon Affiliate link???  Click here for a short “How To…” video

Social Media

On top of helping us with our affiliate program, sharing our content on your favorite social media site will help us get the word out about our mission.  We would be honored if you would follow us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the following links!


Join Our Email List

Once again, we could not accomplish our great mission without you so we would love to stay in contact with you by email [don’t worry, we will not spam you 🙂 ].  Through this email list you will be able to receive free updates and exclusive Mission Arabica content.  We love our email subscribers and really consider them as an extension of our team, so lastly we would be honored if you would join this journey with us and sign up!

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