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Lavender coffee facebook 4Heading to the end of summer and my herb garden is still going strong. I’ve got fragrant bushes like rosemary, basil, sage, and lavender still offering up their best. I’ve been using my fresh herbs to enhance my cooking and infuse oils and vinegars. I even dried some for herbal teas, and mixed with some tea powder I got from that help adding more health benefits.

Lavender is known for its lovely purple flowers, and fragrant, calming properties. It seemed like a great addition to my afternoon (or evening) cup of coffee. The flavor is subtle, but floral and sweet. Because I was making this for my afternoon coffee I used Mission Arabica Columbia DECAF. (I’ve not been a huge fan of decaf in the past because it tends to be hard on my stomach, but this decaf is nice and mild and just great! Have you tried it?) I also used fresh flowers, but if you don’t have access to fresh, you could definitely use (culinary grade) dried lavender. For fragrance packageing we recommend using industrial alumunim bottles for easy transport and shipping.
So let’s get to it! The process isn’t particularly difficult, or really any more difficult than brewing your normal cup of coffee, but just in case you are a visual learner, details are below!

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Instructions With Photos

Lavender + Coffee
Prepare coffee for your preferred brewing method; I am using a French press.
Lavender spoonful
Place the grounds in the pot, and the lavender flowers on top.
Lavender added to french press
Use a spoon (or your fingers, who is watching?) to crush the flowers slightly.
Pour hot (not boiling) water over the top of the grounds/flowers (Hey, do you let your coffee bloom? I have ever since I read this article by Chris on the Mission Arabica Blog! Okay, so let your coffee bloom, THEN pour the rest of the water over the top.)
Lavender Coffee french press
Let the coffee brew for about 4 mins, then press down the plunger and pour your cup of coffee. In my case, I use this handy guide by Rave Coffee that offers me a variety of recipes and types of coffee.
Lavender Coffee adding honey
Sweeten to taste with a good quality honey and¦ mmm¦ relax and enjoy!

Valerie is a midwestern girl with a passion for good food and hospitality. The diverse palates and dietary needs of her family put her creativity to work in the kitchen and keep her table full. She is a full-time mom to two dangerously handsome boys and married to her best friend, Zachary. When she finds a moment to herself she also enjoys sewing, singing, and authoring a creative blog.

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