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mission Arabica cake small
This cake is labor intensive, but delicious and wins the “people’s choice” award whenever we take it to a large public gathering! We always leave with many affirmations about it, which of course makes it worth it! You can also make some whipped cream and get a good deal from the Cream Charger Warehouse.

Where I Found This Recipe…

I found this recipe through Food and Wine Magazine. I left off the modeling chocolate that they recommend in their directions. If you wanted to be bit more ambitious, you could certainly add it. You can find the original recipe on their website. And here you can find cacao chips for sale.


I am Gabe’s Mom, and my love of cooking began as a young child. Growing up in rural America with a farming father and a mother who was a school teacher of home economics, good food was always served! My enjoyment for culinary arts spilled over into adulthood (thankfully!), and I was blessed to marry my best friend who also loves to cook!  Our goal is typically to WOW people with decadence, and we find it great fun to share our successes with others.

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