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National Coffee Day is fast approaching onCoffee-Sign Monday, September 29th! You’re probably on this page for one of two reasons.

First, you may be here for our 20% off sale to HONOR National Coffee Day! The promotion will run through Monday, September 29th to honor the entire weekend for coffee drinkers! You can use one of two promotion codes PAULREVERE or KALDI  – All we ask is once you’ve made your purchase, you share the page so others can take advantage of the deal! Click here to go to our store!


Second – You may be here asking yourself, “How was National Coffee Day started?” Aha! I asked myself the SAME question. I said to myself, “Gabe… I cannot WAIT for this celebration – But where and how did it start?” You may also be saying “WHY ON EARTH is the promotion code “KALDI” and “PAULREVERE” – Well – Let me take you back to a historic moment in time…

The Coffee is Coming!! The Coffee is Coming!!

It all started as Paul overlooked the harbor, squinting intently through the deep autumn fog. His eyes were heavy after a long night on watch. Everything in Paul wanted to rest, but he had a duty to protect and serve. It wasn’t just his country that depended on him, but future coffee lovers alike. As Paul hit his breaking point, he finally spotted it — Sails peaking through the horizon! Finally – It was here! Paul jolted awake, climbed onto his horse and rode her as fast as he could! In what seemed like forever, he finally approached the village and all that could be heard from Paul was endless shouting. The villagers emerged quickly from their homes, eager and ready to hear what Paul was clamoring about. Paul rode through the streets yelling “The Coffee is Coming! The Coffee is Coming!” and all the villagers mounted their horses for an epic fight for coffee! And that is how Paul Revere started National Coffee Day all the back in 1775.

Paul Revere

Okay. Okay. I admit it. I may be mixing up my stories… Maybe– JUST MAYBE- it wasn’t Paul Revere. But if it wasn’t Paul that helped start National Coffee Day — then who? I take you to meet a legendary man named Kaldi. But first, take advantage of 20% off our entire coffee selection by clicking on our store. Once you’ve made your selections, type in PAULREVERE for the promotion code and remember how he may or may not have been yelling “The Coffee is coming!” while he rode into town.

Meet the Legend — They call Him Kaldi

Coffee actually goes back much further than Paul Revere – And while nobody knows exactly when or how coffee was “invented”, there is one legend that seems to have some merit. The legend is that of an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi. As his goats roamed, they gathered and ate, moving from one coffee shrub to another. The goats would become extremely energetic, almost hyper, and stay awake late into the night past their usual sleep cycles. Kaldi realized that the red cherries had a magical, stimulating effect, so he began to experiment with the cherry and its seed. Over time, Kaldi is said to have began to consume the bean through food and drink. Over a century later, brewed coffee was introduced throughout Arabia, triggering mass popularity that has led to National Coffee Day.

Yet, It was actually Japan to celebrate our great brew first – but not in 1775. In 1983, Japan launched their first celebration and other countries quickly responded. The United States shares the day of celebration with Australia, Canada, England, Ethiopia, Hungary, New Zealand, and Sweden (to name a few).

You may be thinking that National Coffee Day is “just another day.” I scoff at that notion! Did you know the United States consumes ALMOST one cup of coffee per capita per day (.93 to be exact) while the leading country, the Netherlands, is at 2.23 cups per capita. My point? Coffee is apart of our culture and our community – It has become part of our DNA! It only grows stronger each year in total sales and consumption. And the BEST part? The coffee YOU have today isn’t the Folgers your grandparents grew up on! We have such WOWing coffees that most people react like this:

Yes! You WILL react like this tasting our coffee!


You may have heard we are honoring National Coffee Day with 20% off our entire coffee selection! Click here to go to our store, make your selections, and use the promotion code KALDI or PAULREVERE. This is a once a year sale and ends on Monday, September 29th!

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