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FincaElPilarWe are excited to announce our first direct trade coffee arrangement with Finca El Pilar in the Antigua region of Guatemala. The farm is run by an incredible man named Juan Carlos who is dedicated to not only growing the best coffee, but also ensuring his farm helps the entire community!

Juan Carlos accomplishes this in a few ways:

  • Creates Jobs – One of the many benefits of the Finca El Pilar is that this coffee farm creates numerous jobs in a challenged community.
  • Supports Local Business – Juan Carlos also is committed to supporting local businesses by allowing others in the community to grow crops and flowers on unused portions of Finca El Pilar.  This allows less fortunate members of the community to provide for themselves through new business ventures.
  • Humanitarian Advancement – Due to the success of the Finca El Pilar, Juan Carlos has not only focused on meeting the economic needs of the community, but also the physical needs of the village.  He has accomplished this by improving the local access to clean water as well as the improving the local medical facilities.

  • We love how Finca El Pilar’s commitment community matches up so perfectly with the Mission Arabica vision of being a partner in helping others achieve their success and enriching lives.

    Oh… and the coffee.  AMAZING

    FincaElPilar_UnprocessedCoffeeWith notes of sweet raisin, toasted sugar, and hints of apple, this is a truly incredible specialty grade coffee that you just have to taste to believe. Check it out here to experience this incredible coffee that that you can feel proud to drink.