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facebook image slice and coffeeWhen Adam’s sister, Esther, told me (Nancy) that she was going to send me this Orange Juice Cake recipe, I was ecstatic! I love orange juice ( specially when it comes to my Orangina drink) and I love cake! Sounded like a winning combo to me. Here’s what else she said about it:

“This cake recipe doesn’t have any coffee for ingredients, but it is SO good with a coffee drink. I got this recipe from Gina, my mother in law. It’s something the family has made for years.”

Well I can see why it’s been in the family for so long! After having made it, I can pretty much guarantee you will too! This is one of the easiest, tastiest cake recipes I’ve found and it looks pretty too! Not to mention it really does pair perfectly with coffee. I had mine in the evening with a Colombia Decaf Cappuccino. It was divine! Enjoy!

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Esther Cobb : I’m a wife to an incredible man and mother of three beautiful girls. I love to play the piano, craft in my own little way, cook and of course drink coffee!! I am a pastor’s wife and love being in the ministry with him. I’m glad I get to support my brother, Adam Holroyd, along with Chris and Gabe, in this incredible journey of providing people in other countries a better lifestyle.
With her eye for style and passion for food blogging, Nancy is a key contributor to the team through the management of the Mission Arabica Recipes page. She is a proud mother of two boys and wife of Mission Arabica co-founder Chris Cheney. In her spare time she enjoys singing, playing piano, and reading.