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Colombia – Patio Bonito


Country: Colombia
Region: Campino, Caldono, Cauca
Farm: Patio Bonito
Variety: Typica
Altitude: 1,700 masl
Proc. Method: Washed
Tasting Notes: Sugary and tart with caramel, rich brown sugar, red cherry, chocolate, cola and citrus fruit flavors.

12 oz.


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Patio Bonito is a hardworking, family-run farm in Caldono, Cauca. Owner Carlos Arturo Trujillo has been a coffee farmer for 40 years, and he says, “It has been a long road, but in the end, it is very satisfactory.” He is assisted on his farm by a daughter, Paola, who has been especially integral in helping Carlos perfect the fermentation process for his coffee.
The farm is 5 hectares, with 4 hectares growing 22,000 coffee trees of a few different varieties, namely Castillo, Colombia, and Pink Bourbon. Carols Trujillo and his family are passionate in their pursuit of quality, and in their attention to detail in every aspect of the farm. According to the Trujillos, all operations at Patio Bonito are grounded in three core values: food security, soil conservation and management, and coffee cultivation. The farm’s mission is “to provide alternatives and training to farmers and students on the management, conservation, and exploration of natural resources and the environment,” and the family’s philosophy is, “The best legacy we can leave to our children is: love, knowledge, and a planet in which to live.”

Coffees at Patio Bonito are picked ripe, then put into the hopper of a depulper overnight; they are depulped the next day, then sorted using a zaranda before being fermented dry for 22 hours. The coffee is washed three times, then put in parabolic dryers for 12–14 days.

Size | 12 oz.

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