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A New Roaster and LOTS of Coffee!

With the launch of our new coffee roaster we have acquired over 750 pounds of green (unroasted) specialty grade coffee from Thrive Farmers! Thrive is the same company we were getting coffee from when we were working with Bearded Apple so you can continue to expect the same great taste with these new coffees.

Additionally, we really love the Thrive profit sharing model which pays coffee farmers up to 5x better than those working with large scale commercial importers – all while keeping a competitive market price for their great coffee.

On to the coffee’s though:

This coffee is obtained from the parcels of the Petronila farm at altitudes of 1200 to 1500 meters. As customarily performed for more than 73 years, this coffee, like all the coffee processed by this mill, is fermented in tanks for six hours and then set to dry at 12 percent humidity on cement patios. The coffee produced offers a more balanced cap between acidity and body, as well as good aroma.

Tasting Profile: Lime, chocolate, deeper flavored cup

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Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (“FAF”) has been a coffee plantation since 1850 and has been owned and run by the Barretto family since the early 1900s. Since 2002, Silvia Barretto and her husband, Marcos Croce, have been working on transforming the farm into a model of sustainable organic agriculture, and demonstrating how agriculture in Brazil can be productive and profitable while providing a happier living environment through the proper use of the land’s natural resources.

The principal crop at FAF is organic coffee, grown according to the philosophy that agriculture can be sustainable not only ecologically, but also socially and economically.

The cup: Very smooth and balanced with hints of red apple and milk chocolate

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Finca Loma La Gloria is located in the Quezaltepec Mountain Range; on the slopes of the San Salvador Volcano overlooking the Quezaltepeque Valley. The Casco sits at an altitude of 1,460 meters and from there you can admire The Picacho, which is the highest point of the Volcano (1,960 meters).

The Finca’s altitude ranges approximately from 1,350 – 1,770 meters and at its highest point it borders the Volcano’s crater, known as Boquerón.

The cup: Bright and jammy with caramel

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A community of farmers from the Muramvya region of Burundi grow a bourbon varietal coffee at over 1,700 meters.

Most of the coffee farmers have little to no other forms of income other than through limited banana sales. There is no other industry or opportunity in this region and it is generally a “forgotten area” of Burundi. With most families having 8 or more children, the future for these farmers lays in the ability to improve their yields and produce high quality coffee.

Through the Thrive coffee model, Mission Arabica is able to help support these farmers with wages up to five times greater than traditional coffee farmers.

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2 More Things

That is a lot of great new coffee to choose from.  So to help you get a taste of all of them, we have put together a sampler pack for the low price of $19.99 (vs $52 if you were to buy individual bags of each).  

Each sample pack comes with all four coffees, freshly roasted, and sealed in 4 oz bags.  To sweeten the deal even more, the first three people to buy a sampler pack using promo code “BigNews” will get 10% off!

So don’t miss out… Try it today!

Lastly, we have a lot of coffee (like I said, 750 pounds of the stuff).  The reason we have so much is that we are really starting to push our wholesale orders where we sell discounted 5 lb bags of coffee to shops, businesses, churches, clubs, etc.  So if you are interested in joining the program (it’s free to join) or know someone you think would be interested, you can find more details here.