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7 Keys to Great Coffee_Blog Post Header_small

Although brewing a cup of coffee is a pretty simple process, brewing a fantastic cup can be much more challenging.

The good news is though, it doesn’t have to be if you know what to look for.

In this series, we will learn take a closer look at what is REALLY going on when you brew coffee.

With that knowledge you will not only be able to better appreciate a good cup of joe, but you will actually be able to diagnose problems in your brew (like bitterness for example) and know how to make the coffee differently the next go around to eliminate that problem.

To accomplish that, there are 8 simple keys to coffee that you will need to understand:

Key 1 – Water Matters
Key 2 – Understanding How Coffee Is Extracted (Super Important)
Key 3 – What Grind Size To Use
Key 4 – How Much Coffee To Use
Key 5 – Other Extraction Factors (Water Temperature, Turbulence, Pressure, Time)
Key 6 – The Brewing Method Makes A Difference
Key 7 – The Importance Of Using Great kona coffee beans

With these keys, you will be equipped to confidently make fantastic coffee! So jump right in and get stated here with: Key 1 – Water Matters