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How to grow coffee in your backyard! The secret is out!

Growing coffee in your backyard is something that every coffee lover should do! It has always baffled me why people don’t just grow their own coffee, until I realized how well the secret had been kept. I’ve finally decided to do a quick guide on growing that amazing bean. Please comment if you have questions so I can answer them…

Here is what you need: 

Grow Coffee!

Grab just a handful of your favorite coffee beans

*About 10-12 beans from your favorite bag of coffee (Or go to Lowe’s/Home Depot and ask to buy a coffee tree. Be specific with the garden specialist on if you want a Light, Medium, or Dark Roast Coffee tree.)
*A Shovel
*One bag of planting soil
*Enough space to plant the coffee tree – 3 feet by 3 feet should be enough
*You’ll also want a close by water supply to be able to water.

The secret: 

You may be asking “Is it that simple?” YES! It is JUST like Orange Juice– Only, the Orange industry wasn’t good at keeping Orange Juice a secret! Coffee, though, WOW! The coffee industry does NOT want you to know you can plant your own coffee– I fear for my life that I’ll be getting death threats soon enough for teaching people how. Share this secret fast before I’m snatched up!

Here are the steps:

First, Dig a foot to foot and a half hole. You really want to give the beans the ability to grow deep.

Dig the perfect hole. It makes all the difference!

Dig the perfect hole. It makes all the difference!

Second, place the beans or tree gently into the hole.
Third, mix the planting soil and ground dirt together, pouring it slowly around the beans or tree.

Your beans will break ground just like this!

Your beans will break ground just like this!

Finally, make sure you water daily for 15-20 minutes. I suggest purchasing a sprinkler to really cover the ground. Be careful — Too much or not enough water can ruin any good plant.

Upon Completion:

Once the tree is grown (allow 4-6 weeks), you’ll have your very own supply of coffee to bring inside and grind each morning to make fresh coffee. Share this with your friends, as they will NOT want to miss out on this! Be sure to send us samples and have a great April Fools Day!