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DSC_0047Christmas is one of our favorite times of year and to celebrate this wonderful occasion, Gabe, Adam, I and our families work extra hard to create what we feel is the best possible blend for the season.

To do this, we consider the natural flavor profiles (remember – we never add any flavorings to our coffees. It just tastes that good) and extraction rates of the coffees we are considering for the blend. We then propose possible blend combinations followed by rigorous blind taste testing of these combinations to sample the range of flavors experienced as the coffee cools.

Through this process, some coffees that you like early on start to dwindle, while others you were not a fan of originally begin to shine. The trick is finding the perfect blend that is complex and delicious from the moment it is brewed all the way through the cooling process.

A Funny Thing Happened

Through all this testing, we are typically able to determine one blend that shines above the rest. However, this time around, we were completely split on two blends. One was a deep rich blend with cocoa and spice while the other was bright with citrus. Both were incredible coffees and either could have easily been this years Christmas blend.

So one of us had a crazy idea…

What if we offered both in a two pack combo?

After a brief moment of thought and quickly glancing at the others in the room, it was decided. We all agreed this year’s Christmas blend will be a two pack!



The first blend in the lineup is the Mistletoe blend: A deep rich blend bursting with cocoa, fruit, and holiday spice.


The second blend in the lineup is the Holly blend: A bright lively blend of sweet and tangy citrus with holiday spices.

Holiday Collection

Mistletoe and Holly come packaged in white 10 oz foil lined bags to ensure freshness and bundled in a decorative cellophane bag topped with a red ribbon.

We are very excited about this years blend and hope you are able to enjoy it too.

Just as a reminder, this is a limited time and limited quantity offering. Order now to ensure you’re able to experience these incredible blends!

Christmas Blend

Check out the Christmas Blend product page for more info and to purchase.

Thank You

Lastly, we at Mission Arabica just wanted to thank you for an incredible year! We are still early on in our journey, but things are progressing quickly in our continued goal to help third world farmers and communities. We really could not do it without your support. If you wouldn’t mind liking and sharing this page with your friends and family, it really does help us out tremendously.


From all of us at Mission Arabica, thanks for your continued support!