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Getting Started With Mission Arabica

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Hi there, and welcome to Mission Arabica!  We know it can be difficult sometimes to know what a website is all about, so we put this page together to bring you up to speed.

The Idea

The three of us, Gabe, Adam, and Chris, have a passion for business and helping people.  Therefore we decided to blend those two passions into one company where social impact is the greater goal than corporate profit.  This notion brings up two questions though: WHO are we going to help and HOW will we help them?

Enter Zach.

zachZach has been a close friend of ours for a long time and he and his family have been teaching English in Laos (third world country in south east Asia) for several years.  In that period of time we have all kept in close contact with him and started to develop a compassion for the Lao people ourselves.  So we determined that we too would do whatever we could to help the people of Laos.

In regards to how exactly we would help them, we learned that coffee grows very well in Laos and it is a much more profitable crop than the rice which most villages in Laos produce.  Therefore we decided that we would create a company that would help third world villages (starting in Laos) establish coffee plantations and then purchase that coffee from them and resell it.  For more about Why Laos click here.

The Problem

That sounds great in theory, but one of the main problems is that we are casual coffee drinkers at best and have no idea how to actually grow coffee, let alone import, process, and resell the stuff.  So as funny as it sounds, out of our lack of knowledge Mission Arabica was born.  We feel like we are going on the adventure of a lifetime and we want to take you along for the ride as we learn, grow, struggle, and overcome.

Join The Journey

One thing we know for sure though is that we cannot do this on our own, nor would we even want to!  We want you to join us on this journey.  Not just by reading about our plans and adventures, but we hope that you are inspired to make a difference in your own community too.  If that sounds like something your interested in, go ahead and sign up below.  (Don’t worry, it’s free and we hate spam just as much as you do).

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Other Ways To Help

I would also encourage you to check out our Help Out page for a list of several way you can get involved with helping reach the people of Laos.

Lastly, if you have decided to join the journey with us, welcome to the team!  Give us a shout out on Facebook or Twitter and let some other people know they should join too!

We appreciate you more than you will ever know and we hope to talk to you soon!

Gabe, Adam, and Chris
(Mission Arabica)