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It’s more than just a cup of coffee.

image002There are a lot of things in life that we take for granted, and when we stop to think about those things we realize their significance.  There are those things in nature like a sunrise, rain, a starry night ect….When we stop and recognize them for what they are we are amazed at their beauty.  They become awe inspiring, poetic and powerful.  John Keats said, “The poetry of the earth is never dead.”


image003Another area we take for granted is of course relationships.  As a father of 4 all I have ever heard from the “older” people in my life is, “enjoy your kids now because they grow up quickly.”  Of course I realize this but very seldom do I recognize the moments.  There will always be another day, another game, or another event where I can make up for the lost moments.  It really isn’t until I sit down and see a picture of my oldest (who is now 13) when he was 2 years old that I realize I have missed way too many “another’s.”

Let’s Dance!

image006Recently my wife and I were at a wedding where there was a married couples dance.   Every 30 seconds they asked for couples to sit down if they have been married under a certain number of years.  Well, we made it through 4 times before we had to sit down.  That was our longest run yet after being married for over 15 years!  It seems like just yesterday we got married, but now when we look back at our wedding pictures it is shocking to see how young we were, lol!  As a husband and father I have to not take these relationships for granted but slow down, make every moment last and leave the excuses of “another” time.

Finally, because this is a coffee blog, we take for granted a cup of coffee.  What the heck do I mean by that?  Well…what does a cup of coffee really signify?  For a lot of people it is that first kick start in the morning that gets us going so we can enjoy nature, relationships, get to work and be.  For some of us it means meeting up with a friend, spouse or co-worker to build our relationship with them.  Meeting someone for coffee has become a center point for many of our most meaningful relationships.  Still for others coffee brings comfort.  Whether it brings warmth on a cold day, or it catapults us into a good book we’ve been reading, or it just simply slows us down in hectic world as we breathe in its aroma and savor that first sip.  But, can that cup of coffee mean even more?


Let’s Leave a Legacy

We all realize that almost all the coffee produced in theworld come from 3rd world countries.  Have you ever stopped before that first sip and wondered, “Where did this come from? Who are the people that farmed this and what kind of life do they live?”  Most of us have never stopped to ask those questions.  If we did and researched it we might actually never drink coffee again, or at least we might be more aware of who we purchase our coffee from.  Every now and then in life, an opportunity comes our way to take the ordinary everyday things we take for granted and make them extraordinary.  That cup of coffee, as ordinary as it is, can be way to make life better for those in the world who need it most.  Launching a coffee blog/affiliate website in order to create revenue to help 3rd world coffee farmers improve their quality of life might sound ridiculous!  And it really is!  But I am tired of going through life with little or no impact on the lives of those around me or those around the world!  An inspirational speaker came into the Atlanta Braves locker room before a big game to energize the team.  He asked for a show of hands of those who knew their grandfather’s name.  He then asked for a show of hands who knew their great grandfather’s name.  He followed that up by asking how many of them knew where their great grandfather was buried.  With every question less and less hands were raised until there were none.  He said, “Gentlemen, the fact is most everyone in this room will be a forgotten man in 3 generations.  What legacy are you going to leave that is worth remembering?”  That cup of coffee can be a foundation to change lives, villages, and yes, even a country.  You may not be remembered by name, but you can be a part of leaving a legacy that changed the course of people’s live just by realizing it’s more than just a cup of coffee.