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facebook size imageI’ve been thinking about chili for a while. I make a decent chili. But I wanted a GREAT chili.

I wanted something rich.

I wanted something incredibly flavorful. I needed a selection of easy, healthy dinner recipes. And I wanted some chipotle peppers in my chili. I love the flavor of chipotle peppers, but sometimes the heat can be over powering. So I needed something to mellow the heat and add richness. I told my husband I was going to add a few secret ingredients, and when I told him the secret was coffee and cocoa he made a face at me like I’m a crazy woman. But I told him… it’s kind of like when you put vanilla in your chocolate chip cookie dough, you don’t bite into the cookie and think—oh yeah, there’s the vanilla—but it adds a depth of flavor to the over-all cookie experience. Similarly… this chili doesn’t taste like coffee or chocolate, however I think they add a mellow richness that seems to temper the heat of the chipotle peppers and enhance the flavor.

But this is a lot of talk and not enough chili in your mouth. So get to it. And tell me if you do not agree; this is GREAT chili.

Valerie is a midwestern girl with a passion for good food and hospitality. The diverse palates and dietary needs of her family put her creativity to work in the kitchen and keep her table full. She is a full-time mom to two dangerously handsome boys and married to her best friend, Zachary. When she finds a moment to herself she also enjoys sewing, singing, and authoring a creative blog.

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