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Really... Really... REALLY BIG NEWS

I am happy to announce one of the biggest events in Mission Arabica history. As of last Friday (July 25th, 2014) we are….

Drum roll please, George…





beardedappleIn case you were not familiar, up until this point we have been working with The Bearded Apple (a coffee roasting company based in Iron River, MI) in order to provide you with the high quality coffee you have come to know and love from Mission Arabica. That being said, in order to eventually achieve our mission of helping third world villages grow coffee to improve their quality of life – we knew we would one day need to start roasting coffee for ourselves.

I’m proud to say that day has officially come.

We have purchased our own roaster and OVER SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY POUNDS of specialty grade coffee! Up until this point Adam has been working along side The Bearded Apple at their roasting facility and has acquired the skills and knowledge required to roast some of the best coffee you will ever taste! With that knowledge and our new roaster, we are really stepping up our operation here at Mission Arabica.

So What Does This Mean For You? 3 Things...

A lot more coffee

With the anouncement of our roasting capability, we are also announcing the availability of several new coffees. So make sure to check out the page “Mission Arabica Roasting: The Coffee” to for a single page comparison of the new beans!

Wholesale Now Available

Additionally, we are now able to sell our coffee at wholesale rates to coffee shops, restaurants, business, churches, clubs, etc. and can even work with you to tailor a blend to your preference! To learn more about wholesale opportunities for your organization or to recommend us to a friend’s organization, click here.

That is a lot of great new coffee to choose from.  So to help you get a taste of all of them, we have put together a sampler pack for the low price of $19.99 (vs $52 if you were to buy individual bags of each).

Each sample pack comes with all four coffees, freshly roasted, and sealed in 4 oz bags.  To sweeten the deal even more, the first three people to use promo code “BigNews” will get 10% off a sample pack

So don’t miss out… Try it today!

This is a huge milestone for us at Mission Arabica and we are honored that you have joined along with us to celebrate.

So with that said, please share this great news with your friends (seriously, it really helps us alot) and pick up a sampler pack today!