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Sales Consultant:

Shane Miskell


(906) 284-9191

Try a cup of the best coffee you have ever tasted with Mission Arabica.

Mission Arabica is a company focused on providing you not only the best tasting specialty grade coffee, but its founding purpose is to take sales profits and invest them in third world villages to help them establish thriving coffee plantations. The outcome of this effort will result in access to clean water, sanitation, medication, education, and overall improved villager quality of life.


Specialty Grade Coffee is Better than 95% of Other Coffees

The Coffee:

  • Specialty grade coffee is often considered to only make up the top 5% of the entire global coffee market in terms of quality, aroma, and taste.
  • Because of the high quality naturally flavorful coffee used, Mission Arabica does not need to add any artificial flavorings or preservatives.


Great tasting coffee with a great mission and I can drink it without creamer… because it’s that good!

- Josh P. (Ohio)

I have tried a vast array of higher end coffee and to this day your coffee still takes the cake!

-Brad S. (Michigan)

What you fellas are doing is nothing short of inspirational!

-Kelly D. (South Carolina)

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