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Almond-Sesame CookiesMy family loves cookies, they are by far the most requested dessert in our house. But there are times you want to enjoy a treat without all the sugar and gluten. As much as we love sweets sometimes your body just needs a break!
Enjoy this guilt free treat with a steaming cup of your favorite blend of Mission Arabica coffee. These cookies are Gluten Free, Paleo and if these names scare you…. just plain yummy.


Carolyn Ackerman is a wife, mother of 3 and food enthusiast. Her passion for cooking and baking began at the age of 6 when she started making bread for her family. Throughout her life she has expanded her love for food and has even authored best selling recipes for their family business. She also loves coffee and is excited to be supporting Mission Arabica through her culinary passions.

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