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coffee glazed carrots facebookI never used to like carrots. When I was a kid, my mom gave us a “choice” of vegetable that we didn’t have to eat for the whole MONTH! But it meant we had to eat any other vegetable she put in front of us. My “choice” was usually either green beans or carrots, depending how many of each I remembered having to eat the prior month. Often, I would end up holding my nose while trying to swallow a bite of carrot or green bean whole! Now, as an adult, I will gladly eat either, but typically I’m still not a fan of COOKED carrots. That is, until this recipe. Oh. My. I mean, I tell you every recipe is awesome (because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t share it with you!) However, this one seriously may have changed my whole understanding of cooked carrots and what they taste like. Cook them like this every time, and I will most certainly eat them. Every. Time.

So this recipe came from the book Cooking With Coffee out of which also came Caramel Apple Chicken. A very simple recipe, Coffee Glazed Carrots actually requires a few of the same ingredients as the chicken one. It doesn’t use brewed coffee so there really is no strong coffee taste. It instead uses coffee liqueur which, paired with the cinnamon, brought out the sweetness of the juice and carrots, making it a great side to pair with a savory entree. We served our carrots with broiled salmon (seasoned with a lemon pepper rub I bought from the store) over a bed of rice. I’d like to try it with pork chops as well, though. I think that would be a perfect combination. Let us know in the comments what you pair this side with!

UPDATE: My mom made pork chops the same night I made the carrots, so I brought the left overs over to try with the pork chops. They were SO good together!

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Instructions With Photos:

cut carrots
Peel, trim and cut carrots as you’d like them, on a diagonal, or long, thin slices as I did.
ingredients in pan
Place the carrots, orange juice, butter, 1/4 cup of the liqueur, and cinnamon in a large saucepan over high heat.
boiling excess liquid
Once the mixture reaches a boil, reduce the heat, and simmer, uncovered, while stirring occasionally, until all excess liquid is absorbed. This will typically take about 15 minutes.
Stir in the remaining 2 Tablespoons of liqueur. Cook the carrots several minutes more, shaking the pan frequently until they take on a glaze.
glazed carrots
Season with salt and pepper as desired. (We actually didn’t add salt and pepper. I liked mine just the way they were. However, some may like the salt and pepper taste with the sweetness so do what you feel would be best!)
carrots with salmon
Serve immediately. (Although leftovers were pretty good too!) We served ours with broiled lemon-pepper salmon over a bed of rice.

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