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About Us: Inspiration

In January of 2013, we all had been talking about wanting to start a business, but to have it be bigger than just making money.  Rather we wanted a company that’s main purpose was making a difference.  After tossing around several ideas we always kept coming back to our friend Zach (that dashing fellow in the picture).  He currently teaches English in Laos and through him we have all developed a compassion for the Lao people.

He told us that coffee grows really well in Laos and there is a definite opportunity to enable the Lao people to thrive by helping them establish coffee plantations.  The main reason for this is that coffee would be a much more profitable crop than the subsistence rice farming they are currently doing.

None of us really knew anything about coffee other than we liked to drink it on occasion, but our new found mission was motivation enough for us to learn all we could about it.  So we went for it and Mission Arabica was born.

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