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About Us: The Plan

So to accomplish this lofty goal, we have established a three phase plan.

1. Grow Our Audience

We plan on doing this through social media presence as well as our blog.

Initial Goal:

  • 2000 People that Like our Facebook Page
  • 2000 People that Follow us on Twitter
  • 1000 Email Subscribers to our Website

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Our Goal In


Easy Steps

1. Become A VIP Subscriber

2. Like Us On Facebook


3. Follow Us On Twitter

2. Sell Coffee

We will sell coffee on our website directly to our customers as well as wholesale to coffee shops, stores, etc.

Initial Goal:

Sell 3,000 pounds of coffee per month

3. Establish A Coffee Plantation In Laos

Once we have established the following and distribution channels as described in part 1 and 2 of our plan, we will work with professionals in the industry to establish coffee plantations in Laos.

Initial Goals:

  • Travel to Laos in 2015
  • Network to find experienced people that have started and run coffee plantations
  • Find a village that is interested in our plan and help them establish a plantation

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