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bfstStarting Strong

Easy to say, but definitely hard to do.

Coming into this new year, we knew we couldn’t just coast off our successes from the prior year. I mean it would be easy to do so:

– Launching a coffee company dedicated to bringing hope to third world farmers
– Becoming nationally recognized as an up and coming coffee roaster, and
– Delivering the best tasting coffee our customers have ever tasted

But if we are going to really do this – there is no letting up.

Creating Immediate Impact

lao-child-poverty1-300x285Based on our read on the Salesforce website about what the future of work is going to take, our primary goal of our mission is to help 3rd world villages establish successful coffee farms in order to improve their quality of life and access to sanitation, education, medical facilities, etc.

This is an ambitious goal that will take years to implement and accomplish.

Although we are ecstatic about our goal, we believe it is important to also help right away and not just years from now.

So I talked to Zach

Zach is our connection in Laos – the first challenged country we are looking to help in.

He runs an English school over there that currently has over 250 students enrolled. This school accomplishes exactly what Mission Arabica is all about because in many cases the education completely transforms these students lives from barely getting by to thriving.

So I asked Zach what we can do right now to make a difference in Laos?

After pausing only a moment, he responded by telling me that even though the cost to attend the school is extremely low compared to US schools, many Lao students are not able to afford the tuition.

Because Zach is a great guy, he gives scholarships out of his own personal funds to as many students as he can because he doesn’t want to turn anyone away. The applicants are also eligible for scholarships in USA.

Problem is, they still need more scholarships.

I told him Mission Arabica would love to help him with these scholarships and we would figure out a way to make it happen.

How One Breakfast Made All The Difference

So after considering numerous ways Mission Arabica could help, we came up with a special coffee program that would be available for non-profit organizations. This program takes a significant portion of the profits from the coffee purchases made by that organization and we donate it to the scholarship fund for Zach’s English school.

Armed with this new program, I then started reaching out to local non-profit organizations and was fortunate enough set up breakfast with a sectional leader of a large non-profit.

This was a big opportunity. If all goes right it could really give a huge boost to our new program helping these students.

One breakfast.

One shot.

On a cold morning in early January we get together and after a few eggs and toast I start talking about Mission Arabica, our plans and goals, and how something as simple as the coffee he purchases could make huge impact around the world.

He loved it.

So much so he invited me to present at their sectional conference! What an honor!

A couple weeks later I was in front of the organizations leadership for the entire section and was able to present Mission Arabica once again.

Thankfully it turned out great. Numerous connections were made and several new accounts were created all with the goal of supporting education in Laos through coffee sales!

Now that’s what I call some Life Changing Coffee!


Join the Journey

So with all that said, we are off to a great start and I’m very excited to see where 2015 takes us! One thing I know for sure is that it will be an awesome ride with some great friends, drinking some fantastic coffee, and changing the world together!

We would be honored if you would join with us! By signing up you will get product discounts, insider updates, and more!

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So thanks for joining this journey with us and I look forward to a great 2015 together!